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Hot News
Community News & Announcements
57 13 and www.t...
by TBZ
Hot News (but not any more)
Items originally in Hot News that are no longer current
342 43 We are back on line!
by IanL-S
Troubleshooting - When things go wrong
Help in finding solutions when something goes wrong with your Toppy
332 44 HDD problem - I fixed it!
by Gaell
Getting the most out of your Toppy
A guide to resources that will assist you in getting the most out of your Toppy
45 11 Adding app services
by IanL-S
     Topfield PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
TRF-2100 186 17 Sniff sniff...beloved TRF2100...
by 2100
TRF-2400/TRF-2460 1342 126 No FTP access
by keith_leitch
TRF-2470 88 12 Fried HDD - Good-bye 2470
by dRdoS7
TRF-7170 570 50 TRF-7170 Bricked after latest...
by IanL-S
TRF-7160 712 80 7160 randomly turning itself ...
by rivmasta
TRF-7260/TRF-7260Plus 407 42 Manual frequency input?
by keith_leitch
TF-T6000 66 12 Is this now rubbish?
by IanL-S
TF-T6211 406 60 Unfortunately TF_Launcher Has...
by 2460user
TF7100HDPVRtPlus 143 17 TF7100HD PVRt + pixelating
by Lindy
TRP-5000 27 4 Any reviews on the TRF-5320HD
by kjahn
     Topfield Satellite PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)
TF7700HSIR 17 1 Tf7700Hsci freeview
by leonleonb
TF7700 HD PVR 0 0 No posts
     Topfield STBs (Set Top Boxes)
TBF-100HD 33 8 Recording 7flix automatically
by Sarah
TBF-200HD 63 11 Does TBF-200HD only work in A...
by bryan07
TBF-7300 4 2 TBF-7300 iView support to de ...
by IanL-S
TF-GA100 1 1 Videos on TopCast
by IanL-S
     PVR Features and Enhancements
IR (Intelligent Recording)
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-2470, TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260, TF-T600
16 1 IR issues
by deangelj
Featured on the TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TF7100HDPVRt Plus
56 11 TRF-5300/5310/5320
by IanL-S
TAPs (Topfield Application Programs)
Featured on TRF-2400, TRF-2460, TRF-2470, TRF-7160, TRF-7170, TRF-7260, TF7100HDPVRt Plus
2487 96 YouTopf
by chris86
Unusual/unexpected ways of getting the most from your Toppy 160 7 Using your Australian Topfiel...
by DeltaMikeCharlie
TV Portal
Featured on TRF-2400, TRF-2460 and TF-T6000
46 2 Items greyed out
by Wing Nut
Android Apps
Featured on the TF-T6211
6 1 Overview of support for Andro...
by andrewjohn1317
Media Player, MP3 Player and Photo 16 3 The Portal and Photo Album
by IanL-S
DLNA and networking 51 5 Can no longer connect Windows...
by putorjuy
     Moderators and Beta Testing
Moderators - - Password required
     Archived Topfield Products
Archived Terrestrial PVRs 60 7 TF4400PVRt anydody still own ...
by g12345567
Archive Set Top Boxes 9 1 Remote control TP807 to use w...
by IanL-S
Archived Satellite PVRs 3 1 TF 5010 PVRT H Can't find Bat...
by fishnchips48
     Remote control units (RCUs), USB devices
Toppy Remote Control Units (RCUs)
Where you discuss questions about Toppy RCUs
67 10 Which Toppy/RCUs work with Re...
by IanL-S
USB Devices
Using USB storage, USB Keyboards, AirMouse
0 0 No posts
     Topfield Community
Topfield Community
The place to discuss things that do not fit into any other part of the Forum
122 18 Copy/Export multiple files fr...
by IanL-S

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